Electrostatics experiments

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by Michel Maussion - University of Nantes - France

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Electroscope and versorium


This tiny instrument is a versorium. Anybody can make it in a few minutes.

The vane cut out an aluminium (aluminum) foil replaces Gilbert's needle.

It can detect charged objects and is so an electroscope.



See video (Codec DivX) 445 ko or 71 ko.

Making a versorium


Two leaves Electroscope

The electroscope, above, has two advantages against the versorium.



The spacing of the leaves increases with the quantity of charges.

As it is charged, this spacing changes accordind to the sign of the new charges.

To make the following experiments you must undertake to do it. Is not the fastest to realize but it will astonish you by its high sensitivity.

By comparison you will be able to select straws that electrify at best.

See video (Codec DivX) 304 ko or 50 ko .

Making an electroscope


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