Electrostatics experiments

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by Michel Maussion - University of Nantes - France

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Attraction and repulsion of light objets




Rub a straw with a paper handkerchief.

Draw it near small bits of papier or aluminium foil laying on an insulating table. They are attracted by the straw and cling to it.

See video Avi (DivX Codec) 548 ko or 114 ko .



By abrasion from a cube-shaped piece of polystyrene of about 1 cm side make a sphere.

Hang it to a support by a thin nylon yarn.

Draw an electrised straw near it : the ball is attracted and can even be lifted up.

See video Avi (DivX Codec) 358 ko or 75 ko .

Making a support as beside.



It is possible to turn the leaves of a book with a straw well electrised.

See video Avi (DivX Codec) 873 ko or 94 ko.


See again the first video of this page. You will observe the repulsion
of three small bits of aluminium that had been charged formerly.

See a fragment in slow motion Avi (DivX Codec) 244 ko or 46 ko.


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