Making an Electroscope

by Michel Maussion - University of Nantes - France   French page

Image 1


Materials use to make
the electroscope
and its accessories.


Image 2


Strip the sheathed copper wire on 12 cm.
Bend at right angle and roll up in a spiral.
Cut the straigth section according to the
height of your jar. Unsheathe 3 mm.

Image 3


Make a hole in the center of the lid.
Glue it on the two sides of the lid. côté.

Image 4


Wrap the small bare wire on the other end
finishing by a circular hook.

Image 5


Fold an alumunium foil on a thick paper. Cut out in
the form of a trapezium (trapezoid), nearly triangular.

Image 6


Cut out once again in the form of a pear and pierce.

Image 7


Hang up.

Image 8


Your electroscope is finished.

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