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The Ellipse

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A well-rounded curve which can be most eccentric. Its name comes from the Greek word for "failed". Had it tried to become a circle ?

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  1. Ellipse in cartesian co-ordinates   
    Someone on a ladder, the ladder slides...   
    Picture of one phase of a harmonic oscillator
  2. Foci   
    Draw it using a pencil and string   
  3. Tangents  
    Application : stigmatism of a elliptic mirror
  4. Ellipse or Hyperbola using foci and guiding circle  
    Drawing it using a pinned rhombus   
  5. Ellipse with mixed co-ordinates   
    Spot on an oscilloscope
    Spatial oscillator  
    Elliptical polarization  
  6. Ellipse with Polar co-ordinates  
    Trajectories of the planets  
  7. Area of an ellipse  
    Law of areas