Last publications

J.-P. Lorand and A. Luguet. Chalcophile and Siderophile Elements in Mantle Rocks: Trace Elements Controlled By Trace Minerals In HIGHLY SIDEROPHILE AND STRONGLY CHALCOPHILE ELEMENTS IN HIGH-TEMPERATURE GEOCHEMISTRY AND COSMOCHEMISTRY. Harvey, J, Day and JMD eds. pp. 441-488. 2016. [More]
H. Leroux et al. Exsolution and shock microstructures of igneous pyroxene clasts in the Northwest Africa 7533 Martian meteorite, METEORITICS & PLANETARY SCIENCE, Vol. 51, pp. 932-945, May, 2016. [More]
A. N. Wainwright et al. Nanoscale variations in (OS)-O-187 isotopic composition and HSE systematics in a Bultfontein peridotite, EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, Vol. 447, pp. 60-71, AUG 1, 2016. [More]

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Welcome to the LPG website


Welcome to the Laboratory of Planetology and Geodynamics website.

Our laboratory is a mixed research unit which depends on the CNRS, and the universities of Nantes and Angers. It includes hundreds of research actors working on three thematics : Planetary Interiors, Planetary Surfaces, Environment Paleo-Environment and Bio-Indicators.

On this website, you will find all the information about our research, the life of our laboratory, university training associated with our research, and the various actions we take to communicate with the public.


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