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***  CLN025  ***

<R2> analysis for 22121402384756360

---  normal mode 7  ---

This page gives a visualization of the normalized mean square displacement <R2> of all C-alpha atoms in the protein that are associated to this mode (black bars). The three components of the corresponding eigenvector are shown on the left (colored bars). Here is the raw data for <R2> and for the eigenvector (shift-click on the links for download).

XYZresidue<R2><R2>max = 0.0986
TYR 10.0191
TYR 20.0459
ASP 30.0721
PRO 40.0738
GLU 50.0986
THR 60.0662
GLY 70.0784
THR 80.0619
TRP 90.0219
TYR 100.0699

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