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CA strain for 201220001529112825

---  normal mode 7  ---

This graph displays the distance variation between successive pairs of CA atoms in the two extreme conformations that were computed for this mode (DQMIN/DQMAX). Large distance variations can be an indicator for residue pairs that support the important strain in that particular normal mode movement. Note that residue pairs between chain breaks or at flexible ends of the protein may also exhibit large CA-CA distance variations. If more than one residues ae grouped together into a rigid block (NRBL>1), CA-CA distance variations between CA atoms in the same block will be very low.

This feature is still experimental and will be further developped in the future.

CA iCA i+1vari
GLY 2PRO 3 -0.0026
PRO 3PRO 4 0.0054
PRO 4GLY 5 0.0040
GLY 5PRO 6 -0.0077
PRO 6PRO 7 0.0094
PRO 7GLY 8 0.0259
GLY 8PRO 9 -0.0158
PRO 9PRO 10 0.0066
PRO 10LYS 11 0.0146
LYS 11GLY 12 -0.0368
GLY 12PRO 13 -0.0342
PRO 13PRO 14 0.0385
PRO 14GLY 15 -0.0363
GLY 15PRO 16 -0.0216
PRO 16PRO 17 0.0186
PRO 17GLY 18 -0.0102
GLY 18PRO 19 -0.0074
PRO 19PRO 20 0.0035

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