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B-factor analysis for ID 22112911152777313

Overall B-factor prediction

%Bfactors-Wn> Experimental B-factors are nearly constant !

B-factors for all residues

Residue-by-residue B-factor prediction for CA atoms

B-factors are computed based on the first 100 normal modes (B-PREDICT) and are scaled to match the overall B-factors in the submitted model (B-SCALED). A high correlation with the observations is an indicator that the normal modes capture well the overall flexibility features of the model. Comparison of the observed (B-OBS, blue) and the computed (B-SCALED, red) B-factors for all C-alpha atoms is presented below. Differences between B-factors from normal mode analysis and from X-ray crystallographic data may for example indicate regions where the protein flexibility is modified due to external factors such as tight crystall-packing.

     9 CA   CYS     76      0.3411      0.0000      0.0000
    18 CA   ALA     90      1.0744      0.0000      0.0000
    26 CA   CYS     94      0.4286      0.0000      0.0000

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