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CHEM-symbiose Platform

Missions :

The activity of CHEM- Symbiose platform is foccussed on the organic synthesis of known compounds, or analogues, described in the literature or requiering chemical modifications.
This service is dedicated to academic laboratories (INSERM, CNRS, INRA, University…..).

- Natural or non-natural compound synthesis (from milligramme to multigramme).
- Support for investigation of biological programs and for validation of new concept requiering the synthesis of known or original chemical structures.

Expertise and services

- CHEM -Symbiose is located in CEISAM laboratory (UMR 6230-Nantes), whith access to the required modern scientific instrumentations for structural analyses (NMR, IR, MS, HPLC-prep, …) and for organic reactions (ozonolysis, reduction under reduced pression, microwave, multi-reactors synthesizer…).
- Submitted projects are managed by a team of ten chemists with a large field of expertise in organic and medicinal chemistry.


1) Contacts:

2) Proposition of a synthetic pathway based on bibliographic data.
3) Discussion: quotation and deadline
4) Synthesis implementation.


In 2013, CHEM-Symbiose has been certified by the national network IBiSA
  and incorporated the Western France life science and environment core facility network , Biogenouest .

Official website of CHEM-symbiose


Advisory committee :

DUBREUIL DidierOffice 104
Tel 02 51 12 54 20
LEBRETON JacquesOffice 105
Tel 02 51 12 54 03
MATHE-ALLAINMAT MoniqueOffice 135
Tel 02 76 64 51 77
TESSIER ArnaudOffice 107
Tel 02 76 64 50 21