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Publications of the EBSI Team



The EBSI team (Elucidation of Biosyntheses by Isotopic Spectrometries) is composed of around 25 persons with complementary expertise in analytical and physical chemistry, particularly in the fields of solution-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and isotope analysis at natural abundance, and their application to a broad variety of fields such as metabolism, authentication, forensics or reaction monitoring.

With numerous major grants in the recent years (several international programs including 2 ERC, many ANR and regional grants), EBSI has become an international leading research group in two major domains:

  • Fast and high precision quantitative NMR of complex mixtures, with key method developments in ultrafast 2D NMR and more generally fast quantitative multi-dimensional methods, but also in highly accurate quantitative 13C NMR;
  • Isotopomics, consisting in the accurate measurement of position-specific isotope natural abundance variations, by high precision quantitative NMR and isotope ratio mass spectrometry, with original applications to fields such as metabolism, environment, authentication or forensics.
  • We are also constantly increasing our expertise, in particular with the application of spatially-encoded 2D NMR methods to reaction and process monitoring at high and low field, or their coupling with dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization to increase the sensitivity of quantitative NMR.

    A large part of our developments and applications are devoted to metabolomics, as part of our strong commitment in the Corsaire metabolomics core facility. This metabolomics expertise is also combined with isotopomics, through the development of innovative “all-in-one” methods. We also make our applications available to external customers (industry and academic) through our expertise centre, SpectroMaitrise.


    NMR methodology (read more)

  • 1. Methodological Developments and Experimental Validation for NMR Isotope Analysis
  • 2. Advanced methods in benchtop NMR spectroscopy
  • 3. Fast quantitative 2D NMR methods
  • 4. Hyperpolarized NMR for omics
  • 5. Fast multidimensional NMR of out-of-equilibrium systems
  • 6. Spatial encoding in high-resolution NMR
  • 7. Nuclear spin relaxation in multi-spin systems
  • Metabolomics (read more)

  • 8. Multi-dimensional NMR metabolomics
  • 9. Multiscale NMR for investigating lipidic metabolism of microalgae
  • 10. Profiling by NMR
  • Isotopomics (read more)

  • 11. Isotopomics NMR for authentication of food matrices
  • 12. Isotopomics for forensic investigations
  • 13. Astrobiology Center for Isotopologue Research (ACIR)
  • 14. Isotopomics & Metabolomics for breast cancer metabolism
  • 15. Isotopomics & Metabolomics for lung cancer biomarkers
  • 16. Isotopomics IRMS methodological development for metabolism studies
  • Monitoring (read more)

  • 17. Benchtop NMR for flow chemistry and bioprocess monitoring