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The main idea of all our research is Molecular Chemistry. The interdisciplinary character of the projects carried out within the laboratory, through its networks of regional partnerships, makes CEISAM like a support of the two poles of activity “Health” and “Agri-foodstuffs” and the pole « Energy » currently being set up in Pays de la Loire Region.

This is made possible by recognized expert testimony of the various actors of Laboratory CEISAM in various fields: Fine chemistry (synthesis and methodologies), natural isotopic Distributions (measurement &comprehensive approach of the metabolism), Hydrogen bond (measurement, modeling & applications), Biomaterials, Energy, Electrochemical Biosensors.



While maintaining a methodologica activity, strong in chemistries theoretical, organic/organometallic and analytical, thus in physicochemistry, CEISAM has a transverse strategic positioning in synergy with the Health sector, the Vegetable/Agro-alimentary sector and the topic Materials.


CEISAM enjoys a very good visibility in the following fields:

  • molecular materials photostimulables (storage of information, photovoltaic cells with dye, artificial photosynthesis and bioimagery), via an approach of design-development-characterization including the theoretical modeling of the associated electronic processes
  • the biomaterials (combined systems “osseous substitute/active ingredient”)
  • the analysis and the exploitation of the isotopic effects induced by the metabolism (isotopome) in the living systems
  • the 2Dimensional ultrafast NMR
  • homogeneous and heterogeneous organometallic catalysis for the development of eco-compatible processes in fine chemicals
  • high level molecular chemistry in support for the Health sector on the following topics  :
  • (i) nuclear medicine around the triptych ‘Physical– Chemistry – Médecine‘ supporting on the cyclotron of high energy Arronax (CEISAM is one of the partners of the Equipex “Arronax+” and of Labex “Iron”)
    (ii) Since a fine comprehension of the mechanisms of recognition ligands-receivers, the design then the synthesis of molecules of biological advantage and of new therapeutic targets dedicated mainly to pathologies like cancers, the bacterial infections, the diseases of the SNC, and the the development of devices for the prediction of the oxydative mechanisms of emergent pollutants (xenobiotic, drugs).


Within this framework, laboratory CEISAM is organized in five teams  :



The creation of CEISAM (Chemistry And Interdisciplinarité, Synthesis, Analyze, Modeling) at January 1st, 2008, had like main objective to structure Nantes Molecular Chemistry by gathering the three laboratories (LSO [ex-UMR CNRS 6513], LAIEM [ex-UMR CNRS 6006], LSM [ex-EA 1149])

UMR CNRS 6230 CEISAM thus joins together fundamental methodological know-how in organic synthesis, analytical bio-organic chemistry and molecular modeling. Then, within the framework of the CPER 2007-2013 of the Pays de la Loire Region, a building was built which makes it possible since May 2013 to accommodate on only one site all the teams of the UMR. This modern infrastructure, contributes to support the dynamics of UMR CEISAM, to reinforce its role of driver of the interdisciplinarity and to increase the visibility and the competitiveness of Molecular Chemical Sciences of Nantes to the international level.