Post-doc, WP4

Anouar BELHBOUB received his master degree in computational physics from Moulay Ismail University (Meknes, Morocco) in 2011. His master thesis focused on modeling the non-resonant Raman spectra of curved graphene nanoribbons which he prepared at the LP2MS laboratory in Meknes. During this period, he was also involved in an industrial project on compounds characterization using atomic force microscopy at SALIDOR enterprise (Meknes, Morocco). In late 2011, he went to Belgium for a research training at the LPS laboratory (Namur University), where he was interested in modeling the vibrational properties of polyacetylene chains.

Between 2012 and 2015, he performed a joint Ph. D. at the L2C laboratory (Montpellier University) and the LEM2A laboratory (Moulay Ismail University), under the supervision of Pr. Jean-Louis Bantignies, Pr. Abdelali Rahmani and Dr. Patrick Hermet. His research activities focused mainly on the study of infrared vibrational dynamics of single-walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with photoactive molecules using ab initio and molecular dynamics methods combined with experimental infrared spectroscopy.

Since January 2016, he’s part of the MARCHES project as a post-doc researcher. The aim of his project is to understand, by means of ab initio methods, the behavior of photochromic molecules when grafted on surfaces.