Simon BUDZAK studied chemistry and mathematics at the Matej Bel University (Slovakia), where he received his M.Sc. (2006). He carried out his PhD., in 2006-2011, at the Comenius University under the supervision of prof. Ivan Cernusak. His PhD work was devoted to the computation of several aspects (interaction energies, spectral changes) of intermolecular complexes in the gas- and liquid phase. From 2011 he worked at Matej Bel University as a researcher/lecturer in the team of asoc. prof. Miroslav Medved with a focus on calculation of charge transfer complexes and electric properties of molecules in ground and excited state by means of DFT/TDDFT as well as Coupled Cluster methods
Since October 2015 he is a postdoctoral researcher in the MARCHES project led by Prof. Denis Jacquemin at the University of Nantes. His main research project is the modelling of a single excited-state surface in order to investigate reactions at the excited state, notably ESIPT.