Arnaud FIHEY

Post-Doc, WP3

Arnaud FIHEY obtained his master degree in Physical Chemistry at the University of Angers (France) in 2011, with a specialization in nanomaterials and supramolecular chemistry. He undertook his master degree training under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Cauchy in the Moltech- Anjou laboratory, working on the theoretical description of the electronic and optical properties of chiral tetrathiafulvalene-based compounds.

He carried out his PhD thesis, from 2011 to 2014, inside the molecular modeling group of the ITODYS laboratory, at the Paris Diderot University, directed by Pr. François Maurel and Dr. Aurélie Perrier. His work consisted of accessing the optical properties of photochromic diarylethene derivatives once anchored to a metallic nanoparticle, with the help of quantum mechanics methods and specifically developed approximated or hybrid calculation schemes.

He joined the MARCHES team in 2014, to pursue the work of David MENDIVE-TAPIA in the exploration of the excited states and their associated potential energy surfaces of coupled multi-photochromes (WP3).