Agisilaos CHANTZIS

Post-Doc, WP1

He received a degree in Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Patras (Greece). In 2011 he received a Ph.D from the same university. The Ph.D thesis which was completed under the supervision of Professor George Maroulis involved the theoretical (DFT and ab initio) calculation of the static (hyper) polarizabilities and multipole moments of linear polyacetylenic chains and their interaction induced electric properties with helium atoms. After receiving his Ph.D he moved for one year to the University of Lorraine (November 2011) as a postdoctoral fellow in the team of Professors Xavier Assfeld and Antonio Monari where he worked on the QM/MM theoretical calculation of the UV-Vis spectrum of a Ru(II) complex intercalated into DNA.
Between November 2012 and November 2014, he was post-doc in MARCHES’s team and contributed to 9 publications.

His research interests included the theoretical calculation of the electric properties of atoms and molecules, solvent effects on the UV-Vis spectra of chromophores using QM/MM methods and the calculation of vibronic spectra.