CNRS researcher, WP3-2

Adèle LAURENT studied chemistry at the University of Namur in Belgium where she received her B.Sc. (2005) and her M.Sc. (2007). She moved to University of Lorraine (Nancy, France) to do a PhD under the supervision of Prof. X. Assfeld. She defended her thesis in Oct. 2010 entitled “Electronic phenomena of macromolecular systems with the help of QM-MM hybrid methods”.

Following her Ph.D., she spent two months in “Polytechnic University of Catalonia” (Barcelona, Spain) with the Prof. C. Aleman thanks to a HPC-Europa grant. Then she moved to the Electronic Structure Lab of the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) for a post-doctoral stay (Jan. 2011 to Sept. 2012). She studied pKa of the PYP chromophore and effects of pressure on red-fluorescent proteins in the group of Professor A. I. Krylov. She became a Q-Chem developer and extended the Effective Fragment Potential (EFP) scheme to deal with biomolecules (fragmented EFP).

In October 2012 she obtained a CNRS researcher position in the CEISAM laboratory. She is working in the ModES team on the modeling of photochemical processes in biomolecules. She is the co-tutor (with the PI) of Ymène Houari, the PhD student hired on the ERC budget on the WP2 (2012-2015). As a Q-Chem developer, she has an expertise in developing, programming and applying quantum chemistry methods on both small and large systems, which will benefit to the project. She will be implicated in WP3 that starts in 2013. So, about 30% of her time will be devoted to tasks directly related to the MARCHES project.

Here is the link of his personal page with the details of his CV (in french version) : Adèle D. LAURENT