Charge of cluster supercomputing

After a DUT in computer sciences in La Rochelle, he obtained his licence degree in Computer sciences at University of Poitiers (1999). After his professional experience in Châtellerault Hospital and in the University of Poitiers in the Computer service of these two institutions (2000-2003), he became studies engineer of the laboratory of L3I in La Rochelle (2003-2007). In 2006 he passed his mastery in “mathematics informatics and its applications” at the same time. He came back in Poitiers (2007) in the team of Numeric Service where he developed pedagogic platform named “updago and monc2i”, the webtv “uptv” and the podcast project.

Since December 2011, he is engineer in scientific computing for the CNRS within the CEISAM laboratory. He is in charge of the management of all computational and modelling molecular resources. Consequently within the MARCHES project, he is in charge of cluster supercomputing.