Denis Jacquemin

PI (Coordinator)


He studied chemistry at the University of Namur where he received his B.Sc. (1995), M.Sc. (1997) and Ph.D. (1998), obtaining each time the highest possible grade. His Ph.D. thesis, carried out under the supervision of Prof. J.M. André, was devoted to the accurate determination of analytic derivatives in stereoregular polymers.

Following his Ph.D., he moved to the Quantum Theory Project of the University of Florida for a post-doctoral stay. He worked on Electron Nuclear Dynamics as well as efficient integral evaluation in the group of Professor N.Y. Öhrn (1999-2000).

Then, he came back to Belgium where he was appointed by the F.R.S.-FNRS as post-doctoral researcher (2000-2003) and research associate (2003-2010) working on periodic systems and electronically excited states.

In November 2009, he received the habilitation from the Pierre et Marie Curie University of Paris VI and, since September 2010, he is Professor at the University of Nantes (France) where he obtained an ERC starting grant in 2011.

Here is the link of his personal page with the details of his CV (in french version) : Denis Jacquemin, University of Nantes.