Laboratory CEISAM


Chemistry and interdisciplinarity: Synthesis, analysis, modeling

University of Nantes

Within University of Nantes, this laboratory (CNRS labeled) focusses its work on molecular Chemistry. With its interdisciplinary features, CEISAM can play a role within the health and food and energy programs of the Pays de la Loire Region.

There are three main research lines: Functional Materials Engineering / Analysis and Physical Chemistry (MARCHES) / Organic synthesis.

There are five teams: Elucidation of Biosynthesis and isotopic spectrometry, methodologies in organometallic chemistry and heterochemistry, engineering of functional materials, Modeling and Spectroscopy (MARCHES), multistep synthesis and Bioscience

Apart from excited-states, the laboratory carries out research within: fine chemistry (synthesis and methodologies), natural isotope detection, ultrafast NMR, hydrogen bonding, biomaterials, energy devices, electrochemical biosensors.