The Cluster Troy

The application of theoretical models requires the use of adequate computer architectures. Within the laboratory, MARCHES has access to common equipment of MODES’s group which includes two dedicated clusters (Pauli and Troy). This latter cluster was obtained thanks to the financial support from the Pays de la Loire region.

Besides, our group has access to the centralized supercomputers developed at both the national and regional levels:

  • National level : CINES
  • Grant: c2012085117, 300.000 hours CPU
    (person in charge :JY Le Questel)
  • Regional level : CCIPL

These supercomputers are unfortunately insufficient for the MARCHES project.

So, we plan to use a small fraction of the budget of MARCHES to improve our equipment. Our main goals is to become sufficiently efficient and to secure the impact of the project. The troy cluster will be used as starting point to nucleate a larger architecture.

We have bought The Troy Extension for The ERC Marches in septembre 2012.

Troy extension for Erc Marches :

  •  19 thin-Nodes (swiip21-38)
  • 1 Big-Nodes (hebus20) 384 Go of Ram
  • 1 Switch infiniband for fast interconnection of nodes
  • 1 Switch Gigabit Ethernet for interconnection with
    « master (download image and managing with SMC
    and monitoring with a lot of Software»
  •  Support fullcare (hardware and software) for 5 years.
  •  SLES 11, SGI Management center, PBS Pro and SGI
    performance Suite, Cluster Studio XE and PGI
  • Chemical Software installed (Gaussian, Gamess, Quantum Espresso, Fcclasses,  Qchem, Turbomole, Namd).

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