Seminars : 13/06/13 to 23/07/13

In CEISAM, within the ModEs Team (Modeling and Spectroscopy), each week the researchers participate in small seminars (maximum 20 minutes followed by questions) organized by Adèle Laurent. The members of MARCHES team participate to these events.

Seminars are held each Tuesday at 10:30 AM in Marie Curie room.
13 June 2013: Licence 3 students

14 June 2013: Gilles FRISON (Ecole Polytechnique )

18 June 2013: Jose CERON CARRASCO (Post-Doc, CEISAM Laboratory, team ModEs)
TheoBio presentation

25 June 2013: Titouan-JAUNET-LAHARY and Jerome MAHE: M1 rehearsal

2 July 2013: Jean Yves LE QUESTEL(Professor, CEISAM Laboratory, team ModEs): Quantitative tools for a comprehensive understanding of hydrogen-bonding.

9 July 2013: Aymeric SIARD (L3): Modeling excited states of thienopyrazines-based terthienyls: building blocks for low band gap conjugated materials

16 July 2013: Ymène HOUARI: Spectral signatures of perylene diimide derivatives

23 July 2013: Agisilaos CHANTZIS: Is the tamm-dancoff approximation reliable for the calculation of absorption and fluorescence band shapes?

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