Seminars : 05/03/13 to 21/05/13

Within the Denis Jacquemin’s group, the members of MARCHES team participate in small seminars (maximum 20 minutes followed by questions) organized by Adèle Laurent.

Seminars are held each Tuesday at 10:30 AM.
04 March 2013 Aurélie PERRIER-PINEAU (Paris Diderot, “ITODYS” laboratory, team “Molecular Modelling”) : Invited researcher in MARCHES project between 4th an 8th March.
Photochromes reactivity within complex systems

12 March 2013 Denis JACQUEMIN
Publishing tips: the old guy cookbook

19 March 2013 Jose CERON CARRASCO (Post-Doc, CEISAM Laboratory, team ModEs)

26 March 2013 Adèle LAURENT

02 April 2013 Gaëlle RODRIGUEZ
TD-DFT conference : organization

09 April 2013 Azzam CHARAF EDDIN

23-26 April 2013 TD-DFT conference
07 May 2013 Elise DUMONT(ENS Lyon)

21 May 2013 Siwar CHIBANI
Computation of pKa for Photoacids

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