Seminars : 03/12/12 to 20/02/13

Within the Denis Jacquemin’s group, the members of MARCHES team participate in small seminars (maximum 20 minutes followed by questions) organized by Adèle Laurent.

Seminars are held each Tuesday at 10:30 AM.
03 december 2012 Adèle LAURENT (CNRS researcher, CEISAM Laboratory, team ModEs)
Fragmented E ective Fragment Potential

11 december 2012 Agisilaos CHANTZIS
Ruthenium Complexes Interacting with DNA

17 december 2012 Jose CERON (Post-Doc, CEISAM Laboratory, team ModEs)
Interplay Between Tautomeric Equilibria and Mutations in DNA

08 january 2013 Azzam CHARAF EDDIN
Computing Vibrationally-Resolved Electronic Spectra from first principles

17 january 2013 Denis JACQUEMIN
Azacalixphyrin: the Hidden Porphyrin Cousin Brought to Light

22 january 2013 Siwar CHIBANI
On the Computation of Adiabatic Energies in Aza-BODIPY Dyes

29 january 2013 Frederic ANNE (PhD student – CEISAM Laboratory, team ModEs)
Charge Transfer in -type Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

05 february 2013 Aymeric BLONDEL
Troy and its Extension for the ERC Project

12 february 2013 Ymene HOUARI
Computation of pKa for Photoacids

20 february 2013 Xavier ASSFELD
Invited speaker (Lorraine University, SRSMC laboratory)

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