TD-DFT conference in Nantes

In the framework of the ERC project and more specifically of its WP1, the team of MARCHES project organised a TD-DFT conference. It took place in Nantes between 23rd and 26th April 2013. During this conference, developments (beyond linear-response, new functionals, environmental effects, large systems,…), applications (Photochemistry & photophysics, Biological compounds, Technological device, …) and alternatives theories have been discussed.

List of invited speakers :

  1. Vincenzo BARONE, Pise, ITALY
  2. Roi BAER, Jerusalem, ISRAEL
  3. Mark E. CASIDA,Grenoble, FRANCE
  4. Andreas DREUW, Heidelberg, GERMANY
  5. Masahiro EHARA, Okazaki, JAPAN
  6. Wanzhen LIANG, Hefei, CHINA
  7. Oleg V.PREZHDO, Rochester, USA
  9. Angel RUBIO, San Sebastian, SPAIN
  10. David J. TOZER, Durham, UK
  11. Tom ZIEGLER, Calgary, CANADA

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