MARCHES is the acronym of our project entitled:

Modelling of Architectures Ruled by Coupled or Heightened Excited States”


It aims to rationalize and optimize the interplay between electronically excited-states in complex molecular architectures. Molecules including several photochromic units (diarylethenes, azobenzenes, spiropyrans…) are potentially able to store and process more complex logical information that the usual binary systems.  

 Indeed, a coupled trimer could, in principle, store a byte rather than a bit of data, paving the way towards more complex and efficient devices.  Nevertheless, up to now, coupled molecular photochromic entities are limited by a series of hurdles (problem of reversibility, parasite reactions, lack of emergent properties…). 

In that framework, theoretical models able to explore the electronically excited states of large and complex molecules will be actively searched not only to help guiding the synthesis towards the most promising molecules but also to define new concepts useful for optimizing their properties.